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UK Budget Deficits

April’s fiscal stimulus is likely not about to happen following a budget deficit of 12.6% of GDP. This figure is far higher than what was predicted by the Chancellor Alistair Darling. [...]

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Egg Pensions remain after the sale

Despite the internet bank Egg changing hands from Prudential to Citigroup, Citigroup intends to retain the bank’s name but offer much wider range of services to its UK clients than what [...]

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Comments from Warren Buffet

The billionare investor Warren Buffet, who has huge investments in the banking and insurance industries, recently said that the US economy has ‘fallen off a cliff.’ Speaking on US cable network [...]

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Regulation is key to Capital Flows

Prior to the G20 meeting in London, POBC has released a series of articles on its opinion regarding the causes of the current financial crisis. In one of the reports, POBC [...]

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HSBC Rights issue

HSBC plans to raise GBP12.5 billion to help bolster its capital cushion and fund acquisitions. This capital raising, despite the negative news, is a positive one as it points to the [...]

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Citigroup buys Egg

In a move to possibly boost its revenue, Citigroup bought the internet bank Egg from the UK insurer Prudential for only 75 million pounds. This is 375 million pounds less than [...]

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Change in Citigroup hoped to stabilize the Bank

In a bid to stabilize its postion and reassure the markets, Citigroup has agreed to have the Government restructure its board of directors to include more independent members. Last year, in [...]

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Government’s Stake in Citigroup increases

The US Government now has a 36% stake in the troubled Citigroup bank up from the previous 8%, the Treasury announced earlier in March. The higher stake comes with more responsibilities [...]

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Effects of Stocks on the British Inflation

In Europe, the British stocks experienced a rise in february following the news on inflation that had also caused the prices of food and fuel to go up. This has offset [...]

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No Incentive for Banks

Banks have noted that more than 90% of all homeowners currently are on their mortgages. While they argue that their assets will ultimately perform, the discounted prices being offered by investors [...]

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